NHMF Annual Report 2016-17

Publication Date
NHMF Annual Report 2016-17

The Annual Report and Accounts 2016-2017 includes information about the range of heritage that NHMF have helped to save throughout the past year and its audited financial accounts.

For example, this year we have supported:

  • TE Lawrence’s dagger and robes
  • Isaac Oliver’s Lord Herbert of Cherbury
  • Purchase of a William Burges vase
  • Wentworth Woodhouse
  • Acquisition of an alabaster sculpture
  • Nonsuch Palace by Hoefnagel
  • Shaw’s Moon-Rocket
  • Saving the Lenborough Hoard
  • Castle Howard cabinets
  • Gunter Mansion
  • Saving the steamship Freshspring
  • Portrait of Arthur Wellesley
  • Charles II silver andirons