Acquisition of Captain Scott and Sir Ernest Shackelton artefacts for the the National Maritime Museum

The National Heritage Memorial Fund has been able to support an ‘eleventh hour’ fast track application for grant from the National Maritime Museum to acquire two items from the collection of items used by Scott and Shackleton on South Pole expeditions in the early 1900s, scheduled to have been sold by public auction tomorrow. 

Shackleton's Liquid Boat Compass
Shackleton's Liquid Boat Compass

The Fund will support the purchase of Scott’s sledging flag and Shackleton’s liquid boat compass with a grant, allowing these items to be withdrawn from the auction and acquired for the nation by the National Maritime Museum.

"Our Trustees are delighted to have been able to respond quickly with grant aid for these two remarkable items and pleased that they will be displayed for public enjoyment by the National Maritime Museum," comments Anthea Case, Director, National Heritage Memorial Fund.