Dr Angela Dean

Dr Angela Dean
Annika Johnemark

Dr Angela Dean spent more than 25 years in international finance, working for much of her career as a Managing Director for the American investment bank, Morgan Stanley. She specialised in financial analysis of technology companies and was Head of Morgan Stanley’s Global Technology Research. In 2005 she was appointed Director for Socially Responsible Investment at Morgan Stanley, and was a member of the United Nations Global Compact’s initiative to develop a framework for including such issues in the global financial sector.

Angela is Chair of International House, one of the largest independent organisations for language teaching and the training of language teachers. She is a Member of the Council of King's College, London. She was previously a Trustee of the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council. She read Modern History and completed a doctorate in early 17th-century English politics at Somerville College, Oxford.

Angela is particularly excited by heritage that helps us understand the way people lived in the past, whether it's the working community of an industrial revolution cotton mill, the stories from a 15th-century manor house, or a history of disabled people through the ages. Given her financial background, she is always keen to assess the long term sustainability of projects.